Which Chicago Neighborhood Are You

Are you fresh out of college, moving into Chicago from the suburbs for the first time, or just not
really happy with the neighborhood you’re living in right now? Then it’s about time you assess
what Chicago neighborhood is best for your personality/lifestyle. Are you more of a business
type, or do you resonate more with the hipster trending lifestyle, or maybe you’re trying to run
a family along with a fulltime job? There is a place for you in this city, along with many other
types of people, even the ones who think they don’t “belong” anywhere. It’s all a matter of what
you like to do, what kind of life you lead, and how much “life” is enough life, when it comes to
your surrounding living area.

When choosing a place to live within a big city, the actual place in which you’ll be sleeping
at night is not the only factor that you need to think about. In fact, the very neighborhood you
choose to live in could be the soul determining factor of whether or not you even get to sleep at
night. Certain areas in the city clearly suit some people much better than others, and it’s a matter
of what you’re really equipped to deal with. A person who requires/wants a lot of sleep and quiet
would not be very happy in nightlife heavy area like hearts of Wrigleyville or Boystown. They
may be happier in setting like most all north side neighborhoods along the lake, or generally
quieter neighborhoods like Avondale or Roscoe Village. The opposite would be true for people
who prefer the noise and party life that Lakeview, Wicker Park, parts of the Loop and many
other areas have to offer.

To go about choosing a neighborhood in the city, it’s best to actually go out and spend some time
in the places you’re thinking about moving to, instead of finding out about the area after you’ve
already made the move. You would kick yourself if you’re the type of person who needs life and
excitement right outside your door at night, only to find out that the amazing apartment you just
moved to in the Loop is, for all practical purposes, in the middle of a ghost town. If you want the
laidback and chill environment that much of Wicker Park can provide, and you decided without
actually knowing the area to move onto Clark Street in Wrigleyville, you are going to literally be
in for a rude awakening just about every day the weather is somewhat decent. It’s all a matter of
preferences when it comes to moving into a new neighborhood. If you have the luxury of time
to check out the lay of the land, then it’s suggested that you do, unless you’re the type of person
who loves all sorts of surprises. I’m sure you’re not though, so do some valuable digging and
make the effort to find the right Chicago neighborhood for you.



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